5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs a Personalized Social Network

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March 30, 2017
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    Gone are the days when customers had to record their queries, and wait for an email response or get in touch with a business representative. Thanks to the emergence of social media, our personal as well as professional communications have become more instant and real-time.

    A majority of the online population spends a major chunk of their online time on social media and in social networking activities. Here's an insight into the major reason why businesses should consider setting up a personalized social network for their business websites.

    1. Increased Customer Engagement

    Increased Customer Engagement, Social network for website

    Social media channels are driven through real-time virtual networking, instant communication and real-time sharing of information. Setting up a customized social network for your business website makes it convenient for you to make your website more interactive.

    Your personal social network set up on your website will enable your customers and site visitors to voice their feedbacks and opinions. This will provide you an insight into their needs and expectations and will enable you to deliver a product or service as per their expectations and desires.

    2. Increased Return and Conversion

    Increased Return and Conversion, Social network for website

    A website with a special and custom social network increases the probability of revisit and return of your customer. It will make your website a comprehensive and all-inclusive forum that will address and deliver all the queries and concerns of your websites. This way, whether it is for the purpose of making a purchase or to get some knowledge about a new product or service offered by you, the customers will prefer to get in with you through your website online social community, rather than looking for the information on search engines.

    3. Multi-Faceted Marketing

    Multi-Faceted Marketing, Social network for website

    A personalized social network adds a dab of gravity and credibility to your website. It makes it convenient for you to share information and interact with your customers in a more informal and friendly way, and provide more elaborate insights about your business.

    Since the information shared on a website is selective, and mainly focuses on the attributes and specifications of the product, you can use your website social community to highlight the value as well as the intangible benefits that a customer will gain. You can also sue the social forum to offer personalized offers to your customers, and increase your sales.

    4. Improved Search Engine Rankings

    Improved Search Engine Rankings, Social network for website

    A website with a personalized social network holds a significant credibility and a cutting-edge over a non-interactive website. This makes the website pass through the search engine algorithms in a smooth and efficient manner and get better rankings and visibility.

    Since the search engine ranking of a website is a crucial element in determining the efficacy of digital campaigns incorporating a personal social network with your website is a smart approach to achieve improve your ranking and eventually optimize the returns on your digital sales and marketing campaigns.

    5. Instant Customer Service and Effective Communication

    Instant Customer Service and Effective Communication, Social network for website

    A personalized social network set up on your website will efficiently foster an instant and real-time feedback and response mechanism for your business. It will it convenient for you to instantly respond to your customers’ queries, resolve their issues address their concerns and maintain an effective, efficient and smooth two-way communication.

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