5 Must-Have Tools to Start an E-learning Website in 2018

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August 9, 2018
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    E-learning websites should aim to connect learners with training materials in a convenient manner. The website should support functionalities that guide users through complex interactions and convey important information.

    While you don’t have to commit a large budget for making your e-learning website intuitive for online users, you also can’t ignore user experience. Here are five online tools that can help create a pleasant e-learning experience.


    CometChat is an all-in-one chat solution that helps you add a chat platform onto your e-learning platform. CometChat not only provides real-time collaboration, but also the discussions that can result in deeper understanding of the classroom material, with its collaborative and communication features.

    Students can be added to course specific groups along with teachers.

    You can use CometChat to create groups for specific courses where students can connect with teachers using various means of communication like text chat, audio chat, video chat, whiteboard and so on.

    You can also use CometChat’s monetization features to create member levels and charge users whenever they use certain CometChat features.

    You can read more about chat use cases for e-learning websites here.


    Rapitivity is a rather unique plugin that allows you to create online courses with templates that can easily be modified by course authors. Raptivity supports multiple formats including HTML5 and Flash allowing you to publish courses to mobile and desktop learners.

    Create custom online courses with premade templates.

    Raptivity is extremely customizable and comes with a toolkit which allows content creators to add their own images, videos, text, and buttons within the courses to make them interactive.

    Lesson Writer

    Another rather exceptional plugin is Lesson Writer, it allows teachers to create literary and comprehension based lessons. Teachers can create reading lessons and materials, a lesson plan, flash cards, and question review sheets all in the form of digital content.

    Create custom reading and comprehension lessons.

    Lesson Writer is fluid to use and allows easy access to inbuilt tools that make creating courses a simpler and more customizable affair.

    CM Video Lessons Manager

    CM video lessons manager allow you to manage lessons through YouTube and Vimeo video streaming sites. The videos can be displayed on any page in your e-learning website.

    Track and organize online video courses and webinars on your WordPress site.

    You can add pay-per-view video lessons for a specific time period. Users can access the video after paying through Stripe, PayPal, or other online payment solution.


    Camtasia is a popular screen recording and editing software that can help record e-learning videos without any hassle. You can easily record your entire window screen, specific parts or even your face using the webcam along with recording audio from the microphone at the same time.

    Record e-learning videos without any hassle

    Camtasia’s video editing tools are at par with the best video editing softwares out there. It’s rich suite of features including animations, quizzes can help an e-learning website churn out creative content on an everyday use basis.


    The pressure to create a user-friendly website is slightly higher for e-learning businesses. This is important to create a positive customer experience. With the above online tools, you can create a pleasant e-learning platform providing offering better learning experiences for your users.

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