5 Must-Have Tools to Start a Real-estate Consultation Website in 2018

An office location is not necessary for starting a real estate consultation. A physical location will make you less flexible and tie you down while also resulting in unnecessary expenses.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

An office location is not necessary for starting a real estate consultation. A physical location will make you less flexible and tie you down while also resulting in unnecessary expenses. Today, a great way to offer real estate consultation services to clients is by building a website.

Creating a website for your real estate business is not that difficult. The more challenging task is attracting and managing customers. In this post, we have listed five great tools that will let you start and promote your real estate services to target audiences.


CometChat is a robust all in on Chat Solution that integrates effortlessly in your WordPress website and connects your buyers with realtors and your buyers with consultants.

You can add a “Chat with Seller” button alongside property listings. As soon as a buyer clicks on the button they will securely be connected with the realtor via CometChat.

Once connected the buyer can then use CometChat and its plethora of features to ask questions, negotiate, ask for pictures, share documents and get insights into the property regardless of their geographical boundaries.

The realtor too can proactively connect with any buyers scrolling through their listing and help them finalize their purchase.

You can read more about chat use cases for real estate websites here.


Estatik is an easy to use Plugin that helps you create and manage Real Estate Website. The plugins easily integrates with your WordPress website and supports a majority of themes.

Estaik has a clean, responsive layout, comprehensive interface and you can customize multiple fields as per your requirements. You can also create and manage listings within your website with Estaik.

Estaik is an easy to use yet powerful Plugin that ensures that your Real Estate website provides a fluid experience for your users.

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the core Plugins for your real estate website. It helps you cater to your websites need of a contact page by allowing you to create and add a highly customizable email contact form.

Gravity forms is an easy to use Plugin that requires you to have absolutely no coding knowledge. You can build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes.


One of the most important tasks of a real estate agent is listing property. With WP-Property, real estate agents can easily add listings to their website. They can create, modify, and manage hundreds of listings on their website.

The online property management tool has an easy-to-use interface. Adding properties using the online tool is a breeze. The online tool also supports translation into Russian, Italian, and Portuguese.

In addition, WP-Property can integrate with Google MAPS and use short codes. You can also display different properties through in-built templates.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a simple yet effective plugin that adds a simple floating social share bar. The bar is customizable and can be added to any page on your website.

You can add the floating bar along with property listings allowing your users to share the listings they like with their friends and family helping them with the buying process.

Realtors can also use the Social Warfare floating bar to share their listings on various Social Media platforms to attract more potential buyers.


The real-estate market is really competitive and tough to break into. The level of competition is extremely high and an elegant, fluid and effective website can help you stand out and above from the competition.

And the tools listed here help you create that website, all of the tools do serve different purposes. However, all have the overarching aim of making it easier to promote and manage your real estate consultation website. Using these tools will help you get create a fluid, elegant and effective website and create positive expereinces for your users.

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