5 Must-have Apps for Your SocialEngine Community Website

SocialEngine is an award winning platform for creating an engaging social networking website. The platform serves as a backend of more than 25,000 social media sites with over 5,000,000 users.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

SocialEngine is an award winning platform for creating an engaging social networking website. The platform serves as a backend of more than 25,000 social media sites with over 5,000,000 users.

With the online platform, you can easily build your own social media and social networking site. The platform allows you to create a user-friendly website where users can engage with each other. Here are five must-have apps for your SocialEngine website.


CometChat is a robust all in one Chat Solution which easily integrates with your SocialEngine website and keeps your community engaged allowing them to communicate and collaborate.

CometChat integration with SocialEngine website is super simplified and takes only up to a few minutes to start running. Apart from the basic text chat, users can voice and video chat as well as get access to plethora of resourceful features with each of them leading to increased user engagement. The advantages are not restricted to only engagement but creates room for driving monetization using features like Role Based Access Control and Credit deduction.

CometChat’s communication and collaboration tools allow users to connect using features like Real-time text, Voice&Video Chat and collaborate using features like Virtual Whiteboard and Writeboard.

You can learn more about CometChat and its Communication, Collaboration, and Monetization features here.

SocialEngine Avatar

SocialEngine Avatar allows admins to create generic and custom avatars for users and their online portfolios giving them their unique identity.

With multiple features and customization options, this app allows you to choose or upload custom avatars for user portfolios, eliminating the need for any custom development or CSS in your website.

SocialEngine Minify

SocialEngine Minify is an essential and important website for your SocialEngine website which allows you to minify your CSS and JS files for faster page loading for visitors.

The app removes unproductive code & combines multiple files in single file thereby improving bandwidth and speeding up the website. It also combines multiple CSS or Javascript files removing unnecessary whitespace and comments and serving them with a gzip encoding and optimal client-side cache headers.

The app is also really lightweight, puts minimal load on your existing server and fits into your SocialEngine website like any other app with no change in the website’s source code.

OTP Verification Plugin

Another great add-on for your SocialEngine website is the One-Time Password mobile verification and secure login plugin. This plugin allows you to verify mobile number numbers by sending a verification message.

With this SocialEngine add-on, you can verify users for registration. The plugin checks and prevents users from registering with fake email and mobile number.

Apart from increased security in registering users, the plugin also makes the registration process simple for users. They can easily register users with one time pass code. Online users can log in to your SocialEngine website with an ID and password.

Ultimate SEO

SEO is essential for increased visibility of your site. With Ultimate SEO, you can optimize your SocialEngine website for search engine ranking.

This plugin allows you to generate sitemap and submit it to Google. Also, the plugin allows you to make the site user-friendly and easier to navigate and search. The result will be reduced bounce rate that will increase the ranking of your SocialEngine website.


The above plugins can greatly extend the functionality of your SocialEngine website and help you drive engagement and monetization onto your website helping you grow.

You can also explore CometChat and its communication, collaboration and monetization features which increase user engagement on your website and creating monetization opportunities for your websites and apps.

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