5 Drupal Modules to Create an Engaging Blog

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May 4, 2016
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    Blogging is one of the best things to happen to the internet since, well, the internet. Blogging enables people to create experiences and situations in their own words, and also lets them share tips, insights, and more with their audience. If you have a business website, then you are 55% more likely to attract visitors with a blog than business websites that don’t.

    Drupal modules

    Creating good content that engages the readers and encourages them to interact is essential for success. If you have the words to generate excitement and anticipation, then it’s all a matter of choosing the right tools for imminent success. While WordPress is the leading CMS for blogging, there is no denying that Drupal also provides a powerful blogging experience with user-friendly content management and modules. Here are the top 5 Drupal modules that you must have to create a powerful and engaging blog.

    1. Pathauto We start with what is considered by many as one of the quintessential modules for blogging and a no-brainer for bloggers and business websites. Pathauto automates URL generation for nodes, users, and taxonomy terms. It eliminates the cumbersome manual process and allows you to have URL structures that are easy to read and remember not just for your visitors but also search engines. Our Rating: 10/10
    2. Views Views is another popular module that is used by most if not all, website builders to filter content based on content type, publishing date, subject, author and much more. Views module is quite robust and lets you create a neat blog with unique page layouts. Fun fact: It’s used by various other modules as well including Blocker and Display Suite. Our Rating: 9/10

    3. Disqus Disqus is undeniably the leading comment module in Joomla and across other CMS that lets you drive engagement and interaction with your readers. Disqus is a highly responsive and light module that has helped more than 2.5 million websites create a medium for interaction on posts. Visitors can login with their Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Disqus accounts to leave comments. Our Rating: 10/10

    1. Social Media Social Media module is perhaps the best tool to promote your blogs and other content across the internet. Social media significantly increases the potential outreach of your content and lets you integrate your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with your business website. It provides centralized management of social shares and widgets to increase social media following. Our Rating: 9/10
    2. Radioactivity Last we have the powerful Radioactivity module which enables users to create block-style views of popular content. For instance, you can create sections like ‘trending’, ‘top reads’, ‘all-time greats’ and more to improve the visibility of new posts and get more attention for older ones. The module allows you to leverage visualize your blog according to the popularity of your posts which makes it another no-brainer for bloggers as well as business blogs. Our Rating: 8/10 Thanks for checking out our top 5 Drupal modules for engaging blogs. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions below ☺

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