June 22, 2016

5 CRM Plugins Your WordPress Site Should Have

5 CRM Plugins Your WordPress Site Should Have

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an important aspect of modern day business not just in the B2B market but also the B2C market. CRM systems allow businesses to manage leads, improve customer relationship, and eventually drive sales. For businesses with an online footprint and growing customer base on the internet, it is important to realize that CRM should become an important process in customer retention and sales.

CRM plugins for WordPress

If your website is on WordPress, then you’re in luck! WordPress is undeniably the go-to CMS, but it is the best when it comes to CRM. CMR plugins on the platform allow businesses to manage customers from one location and gain invaluable insight that drives better decision-making. Here are 5 CRM plugins you should consider for your WordPress site for effective customer engagement and retention.

  1. WP-CRM WP-CRM is more or less considered as an extension of the built-in user management feature in WordPress. It allows you to create front-end forms that can be integrated with pages and you can also input custom meta details. The plugin has strong filtering capabilities allowing you to easily sort out customers based on custom attributes of your choose.

Type: Free with paid add-ons
Our Rating: 4.5/5

  1. UpiCRM A standalone CRM plugin on WordPress, UpiCRM improves user management by working with the contact form plugins to capture and manage leads. You can group contacts, assign leads, send emails, and integrate it with Google Analytics to get detailed insight into customer activity on the website. It is a highly responsive and clean plugin that businesses should try.
    Type: Free
    Our Rating: 4.5/5
  2. Presspoint CRM Presspoint CRM is simply one of the best CRM plugins ever built on WordPress. It provides features like email automation, building custom forms, managing events, and managing users on e-commerce sites. Yes, it works seamlessly with WooCommerce and has features like content restrictions, customer directories, and personalized profiles for every user.
    Type: Paid
    Our Rating: 5/5
  3. WPForms WPforms is perhaps the best plugin for businesses that are just getting started with CRM. It allows website users and customers to contact you via contact form which can be added anywhere onto your website. Secondly, this plugin stores contact form entries in the database which means that you can always check when the customers contacted you and use this information to drive decision making.
    Type: Paid, Ultimate plan is ideal for complete CRM functionality
    Our Rating: 5/5
  4. CometChat Last on this list we have a plugin that a business who wants to leverage on CRM must have. CometChat is a chat plugin that is customizable to the needs of your business. It features text, audio, and video chat, and allows people to send forms, files, content, and much more. Depending on your needs you may choose to provide chat features to all website users or just ones that are your customers.
    Type: Paid, Platinum plan offers broadcast, video conference, and screen sharing plugins
    Our Rating: 5/5

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