5 Brilliant ideas to make money from your website

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December 19, 2017
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    What did you start your website or blog for? Whatever the reason might have been back then, you will think about monetization sooner or later in an attempt to utilize your website to its maximum potential.

    So how do you go about this?

    There are plenty of ways, all of which provide different returns. Generally, using multiple means may be better than a single technique. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular monetization techniques.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is extremely effective provided that you are doing it correctly. How many times do you recommend products or services to others? Numerous times! So let’s start taking some payments for all these recommendations.

    Affiliate or referral marketing allows us to do just this. Whenever we refer buyers to somebody else’s website, we earn a commission. So for instance, if you write something about teeth whitening, suggest a product and then share the purchase link. You’d be paid every time your website visitors check out the link and buy the product.

    Sell your own digital product

    Rather than physical products, you can start selling digital products. You can either create them yourselves or even outsource them. Generally, digital products provide a revenue stream when you have visitors who are keen to learn and acquire knowledge.

    Also, whichever digital product you create, they should be an extension of the free content that you are already providing.

    Offer subscription plans

    You can offer various subscriptions plans to your visitors, and in turn, provide them exclusive content. If you have a WordPress website, you can easily find plug-ins that’ll help you with this. Like with digital products, your visitors should have a desire for more information and knowledge.

    Please bear in mind that it would take some time for you to earn revenues in this manner, but the efforts are worth it.

    Build an Email List

    An email list features the most loyal of all readers. The objective of such a list is to target strangers who are first-time visitors on your website, attract them, compel them to sign up and eventually, turn them into followers who are eager to stay updated.

    Email lists are a long-term strategy and don’t provide you any immediate returns. But down the road, they turn out to be one of the best methods to grow your blog and earn impressive revenues while at it.

    Sponsored posts and articles

    If you already have a substantial fan following and significant traffic coming to your website, you can start putting up sponsored content on your website. Several companies often look around for blogs through which they can share valuable information, but these blogs should already have engaged visitors and sufficient traffic.

    Just make sure that the sponsored content belongs to your website niche. If it’s irrelevant, you may lose your visitors rather than earn more money.

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