5 Best-Selling Joomla Extensions to Watch Out for!

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January 9, 2017
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    5 Best-Selling Joomla Extensions to Watch Out for

    Over the past few years, the popularity of Joomla has increased by leaps and bounds and has made it as one of the most popular open source platforms to design websites and create apps. Aside from that, it has also gained prominence as an effective content management system and has made it convenient for website administrators and content developers to maintain an efficient mechanism of content creation, editing, formatting, delivery, and publishing. The extensive range of extensions includes free as well as premium tools, widgets, and plugins are available at the Joomla! Extensions Directory. Here is a sneak peek into top 5 Joomla extensions you must have in 2017.

    1) YT Shortcode

    Create charts and graphs with YT Joomla extension.

    YT Shortcode is a top-selling magical Joomla plugin that allows you to create charts, graphical illustrations, maps, tabs, buttons, form, bars and tables without having to bear the painstaking task of HTML coding. The extension has an extensive range of built-in shortcodes that offer you a myriad of features to add on your website. You can also mix and merge multiple shortcodes to create a unique and personalized feature for your website.

    2) Akeeba Backup

    Joomla extension for backing up your site.

    Akeeba Backup is an essential Joomla plugin for your website that allows you to create a backup of your entire site content including all media, databases, text files, images, and videos. The extension allows you to create a backup of your website as per a fixed schedule specified by you.

    Maintaining a regular backup has become a mandatory task for site developers and web administrators. Akeeba Backup has made it convenient it through its AJAX powered backup process. The backup content can be easily accessed and retrieved through any Joomla powered server.

    3) SJ Mega Menu

    Menu extension for Joomla

    SJ Mega Menu is an interesting Joomla extension that enhances your website menu layout and beautifies the entries by adding images, texts, videos and a lot more features. This allows you to give your Joomla website a completely personalized touch and enhances your menu design and features. SJ Mega Menu offers a 360-degree customization to your site menu through unique and special features as well as an extensive range of fonts, colors and background options to choose from. Furthermore, it also establishes a comprehensive admin dashboard at the developers’ with essential tools and controls.

    4) AcyMailing Starter

    Create email campaigns from your Joomla website

    AcyMailing Starter is a unique Joomla extension that lets you connect with your contact and establish a real-time and interactive communication with your clients. AcyMailing Starter allows you to create email campaigns through compelling emails, catchy brochures, and informative newsletters. It makes it convenient for you to reach out to your contacts and leads and maintains an effective record of results, client responses and follow ups. AcyMailing Starter is effective for business-oriented Joomla powered websites and helps to attract more visitors on your website and retain them efficiently.

    5) Community Builder

    Most popular Joomla extension for social networking sites

    Community Builder is a popular Joomla plugin that enables you to create a social platform for your Joomla powered websites. Community builder has a convenient and user-friendly interface along with hundreds of unique and handy built-in features. Furthermore, it also offers hundreds of additional, value-added tools and widgets that help you customize your social platform as per your likes and requirements.

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