September 17, 2014

5 Best BuddyPress Plugins

BuddyPress is to WordPress what Facebook is to social media. If you want to create a social community or network on an existing WordPress website/blog, then BuddyPress is just what you want. BuddyPress helps users leverage on the social networking ability of WordPress. It allows people to register with your network, create profiles, post content, create groups, and build connections among other things. There is no denying that BuddyPress is the most powerful tool for social media, but only works best when you have the right plug-ins. So today we’ll introduce you to 5 top BuddyPress plugins that you need to take your social media network to the next step.


Buddypress Social

BuddyPress Social is the number one plug-in for increasing engagement and social activity. This plug-in integrates social media sharing capability to your BuddyPress network. For example, any group activity, shared content, and member updates can easily be shared on other networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter among others. It also enables email sharing and is a smart investment if you’re looking to increase the visibility of your network. It’s designed to pick the color of your theme, so basically it does it all for you for free! Download the BuddyPress Social plugin!



rtMedia is one of the hottest plug-ins that delivers content rick solutions to BuddyPress networks. It allows users to add photo and video albums, implement privacy, setup sharing preferences and front-end uploads, and even convert both audio and video files. It supports drag and drop uploading, allows users to upload media on their activity stream, and integrates with BuddyPress seamlessly. If you’re not sure whether all that will work out, you can try the free version first before going pro! Download the rtMedia plugin!



Buddypress Default Data

BuddyPress Default Data allows users to experience what their network will look like once it’s populated. Easy to set up and use, this plug-in appears in the Tools options in the admin screen. Once it is activated, it will instantly populate your BuddyPress network with 25 users and 75 activities. This allows you to test your platform and make any relevant changes before you launch it. Once you’re confident that your network is in prime position, you can clear the BuddyPress data and start managing your platform in real-time. Download the BuddyPress Default Data plugin!



Marketing an up and coming social platform will automatically attract spammers. It’s an inevitable reality but one that can be stopped using WangGuard. WangGuard can help ward off 99.9% of spammers and unwanted users as authors suggest. It can help keep your registration page clean from spammers. However, if you already have registered spammers with your network, then you will need an additional plug-in. Overall, WangGuard is a cost effective solution to keep unwanted users away. Download the WangGuard plugin!



Buddypress Social Polling Plugin

Polls are one of the most effective ways to interact with your users and gather their opinions. BuddPress Social Polling allows you to create social polls that can generate traffic and give more reasons for your users to stay on your network. That said, the plug-in only works when you have the Easy Polling plug-in with your BuddyPress. Download the BuddyPress Social Polling plugin!


Do you have any interesting BuddyPress plugins in mind? Please feel free to share your ideas. Remember to watch this space for interesting content and insights!