4 Creative Ways to Engage Your Blog Readers

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November 5, 2014
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    Technology nowadays offers us various opportunities, one of which is initiating and maintaining contact online. But most businesses fail at converting these leads due to their inability to engage them effectively. The days are long past in which corporations would mass advertise their products across all demographics regardless of whether the product is in demand or not. People are frustrated at being constantly pitched to.


    Bloggers now have to say what the reader wants to hear, and the trend has finally set in; now readers expect to read what they want to. Plus, readers will also need to be kept engaged via relevant content and useful information which can cement their trust in your blog. Below are a few creative ways for blog writers to engage and interact with their users online.

    1. Personalize your blog as a brand and give it an eye-catching design

    Trust seasoned bloggers, and take the time to sit down and figure how you can give your blog a personal touch. Once that is done you will need a catchy design that gives off a great first impression and sticks in the user’s memory. The good part is that it can be quite cheap, the major advantage is the fact that it will greatly reduce the bounce back rate, by keeping the users committed. Note, that this is just one of the many factors. Several online web creators offer free themes that are available on their respective websites. If you are relatively fresh at this and want to save as much cash as possible, go for something that is unique, perfectly matches with the content you are planning to provide and of course is to your liking as well.

    2. Be available for your readers

    In life most successes are a result of a productive relationship. Keep in mind that it’s always who you know that matters, rather than what you know. What is being said here is that content won’t always be enough. If you aren’t working on building your very own community on your blog, people will begin to click away. Provide more than just quality content, create an emotional connection. That is what will make readers come back for more.

    3. Celebrate with your followers

    Following a blog offers the same high as following a sports team. Think about it. The reason people love to follow their sports team is because they feel they are part of it; if their team wins, they win. This is the mentality bloggers should develop with their readers, and in turn thank them for their support no matter how small the contribution. Have you just reached 2000 readers on your blog? Or perhaps you attracted 10,000 new visitors to your website. Celebrate small achievements like these with your readers and thank them for their contribution; every user has given your blog their valuable time after all.

    4. Offering exclusive content

    Create unique content that isn’t available to the gen pop – content that is special, share worthy and can only be accessible to loyal members, and requires them to login. This will create a one of a kind bond with your readers which won’t only make them feel special but become loyal to you, which is hard to come by online, these days.

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