Top 30+ world-famous excellent websites that use WordPress

Today WordPress continues to be the most popular tool for building websites and perhaps the most simple and trusted content management system in the world. According to W3Techs Web Technology Surveys [https://w3techs.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Today WordPress continues to be the most popular tool for building websites and perhaps the most simple and trusted content management system in the world. According to W3Techs Web Technology Surveys, at the moment 35% of sites on the internet use WordPress involving those that don’t use CMS at all and those that are powered by a custom-built CMS.

A variety of engaging themes, plugins, and elements make WordPress a great solution for website development. E-commerce stores, cross-sectional blogs, news portals, educational institutions, dating services, music platforms, online businesses, and celebrities choose this CMS for its intuitiveness and convenience.

By the way, WP is used by a huge percentage of top-ranked sites. TechJury reports that as of 2019, 14.7% of the world’s leading 100 websites are made with WordPress. Well, this unveils myth that WP is may not be good enough for big brands.

Instead, numerous world-famous websites once chose WordPress as the core of their services and managed to design truly excellent products. And some of the names may even surprise you. For this article, we’ve created a list of famous websites using WordPress. See them below and draw inspiration!

30+ Popular websites using WordPress

1. TechCrunch

Founded in 2005, TechCrunch is the world-known US online publishing portal that covers tech topics like technology news, trends, startups, innovative products, funding, and others. The website also presents audio and video sections to engage the audience that prefers these types of content.

As you can see, the menu is pretty simple which scrolls as the user scrolls the page up or down to ensure a high level of convenience. All the elements are built around the content and nothing draws attention away from titles and images. Due to a timeline system, all of the posts are displayed according to their publish time while a grid-like format allows putting an accent to the new ones.

For today, TechCrunch has an Alexa rank of #1,649 which makes it one of the most popular WordPress websites on the internet.

2. The New Yorker

The New Yorker has been one of the most famous magazines in the world for decades. Well, nothing has changed over time. Providing in-depth quality content on a wide range of topics—culture, politics, arts, business, science, poetry, humour, etc.—The New Yorker website is also powered by WordPress.

It is safe to assume that while the New Yorker WordPress admin dashboard will look similar to yours or mine, a lot of changes have been made to the theme to security precautions—for example, you cannot simply sign in by going to the login page.

Also, this online service employs beautiful fonts for titles and quality images of different sizes to add creativity. High usability and user-friendly interface are those things that make this online magazine one of the top-ranked websites in the world. Currently, The New Yorker has an Alexa rank of #2,605.

3. BBC America

Having been founded in 1998, BBC America is a large US pay television network that operates as a commercial-supported channel. As of September 2018, the service was available to approximately 80.9 million television households in the United States.

Providing the best of entertainment, BBC America comprises TV shows of various genres like natural history, movies, awards, science, and drama.

Intuitive navigation, simple menu, plenty of quality images, well-designed structure, and in-depth theme are the key elements of this amazing platform. The portal is truly multifaceted and offers a wide range of content types so that everyone can choose what he or she likes while the schedule enables to easily find the desired information.

As of November 2019, BBC America is ranked #18,578 by Alexa which makes it one of the 20,000 most popular WordPress websites on the internet.

4. Rackspace

Established in 1998, Rackspace is the US managed cloud computing company that has offices in the UK, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Mexico. As of 2014, the organization’s revenue is $1.794 billion.

The company’s website was created using WordPress among other technologies. Having a great UI and UX design, it provides an intuitive user interface. With a simple structure and convenient navigation, the user can easily find the necessary information.

Being our customer and the user of CometChat, Rackspace has one of the most popular WordPress websites on the internet. Today, it has an Alexa rank of #2,384.

5. Variety ****

Variety is an American media company and perhaps one of the most trusted sources of entertainment business news. It was founded in 1908 as a weekly newspaper. On the official website, now Variety also provides text, audio, and video content on numerous topics (tech, film, music, lifestyle, etc.) on the internet.

With an Alexa rank #2,163, the organization has one of the most famous WordPress websites globally.

6. The Official Star Wars Blog

The official War Stars blog is an amazing website for movie fans. Having a branded theme and engaging design, it offers various content types such as news, series, films, information about apps and games, and more. This web portal has an Alexa rank of #19,225 which automatically includes it in the list of 20,000 leading sites worldwide.

7. Sony Music ****

Owned by Sony Corporation of America, Sony Music Entertainment (SME), or simply Sony Music, is a world-famous American music conglomerate. Built with WordPress, the company’s website is a news aggregator covering the music industry: singers, album releases, announcements, and a lot more. Each post is dated with the latest publications on top of the page. The portal also provides a page of featured artists with links back to their official sites.

As of November 2019, Sony Music website has an Alexa rank #148,037 which proves that it’s an engaging news service.

8. Microsoft News Center

Microsoft News (formerly known as MSN News and Bing News) is an online news portal featuring news articles about tech, money, politics, sports, entertainment, and many other topics. Providing search filters, notifications about news, and a wide range of topics, it enables users to instantly find the desired information.

A clear structure and convenient navigation help this great WordPress website to be ranked #31 by Alexa.

9. PlayStation.Blog ****

PlayStation Blog is an entertainment and media entertainment center that provides awesome user experience using text, image, and video content. Packed with a variety of videos and news articles, the portal is one of the most famous websites using WordPress. In global internet engagement, it ranks #575.

10. Wired

Being a monthly American magazine, Wired reports about emerging technologies and their impact on our world. It also covers topics such as culture, science, security, business, transportation, etc. The site was created in 1994 and uses WP among other technologies.

For today, it has an Alexa rank of #1,548 which automatically includes it in the most popular websites that use WordPress.

11. Snoop Dogg

Websites that are centered around celebrities are often based on WordPress. The site dedicated to Snoop Dogg is not an exception. It showcases video and audio content, information about tours, announcements, and photos dedicated to this music star.

What’s more, a large photo of Snoop Dogg is placed on the landing page with multiple links on celebrity’s social media pages. The website is ranked #501,010 by Alexa.

12. Georgia State University

Georgia State is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in America. According to the WordPress showcase, is a single multi-site hosting over 150 sites. The website has a well-organized structure which allows its users to quickly and easily find the necessary information. Being one of the most popular WP websites, it ranks #5,725 in global internet engagement.

13. Quartz

Launched in 2012, Quartz is a business organization and online news portal that reports business news and covers every aspect of the new global economy. 60% of the site visitors access it via their smartphones and 45% of the users are outside the United States. As the site is fully adaptive, it naturally looks of different types of devices.

Focusing on digital storytelling, it makes engaging content which is complemented by beautiful custom images, high-resolution photos, readable fonts, nice typography, and clear structure. Thanks to this, the website meets the needs and preferences of the modern audience.

The WP-based website ranks #2,643 In global internet traffic and engagement and #978 in the USA.

14. TED Blog ****

Launched in 1984, TED Conferences LLC is an American media company that publishes talks on a variety of inspiring talks under the slogan "ideas worth spreading". Speakers share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas regarding culture, politics, tech, science, self-development, and other topics that are available online. is another world-famous website that is based on WordPress CMS. Multiple filters, columns with the most popular and the most shared posts, extensive footer, a full-screen image on the top of the main page, archives, and other elements compose this service. What’s important, nothing draws attention from the content while modern design and high usability force users to stay on the website.

With an Alexa rank #999, is one of the most popular websites that use WordPress.

15. Sweden’s Official Website is an official website dedicated to Sweden. Providing different a variety of facts about the country, it is created and managed by the Swedish Institute, the company that distributes information about Sweden and promotes its interests around the globe.

The site publishes articles about business, innovation, politics, culture, nature, famous people, lifestyle, work, migration, and more. With several bright colors associated with the country’s flag, the organization created a great branding theme.

Powered by WordPress, this website has an Alexa rank of #83,718.

16. Boingo

Boingo is an American provider of Wi-Fi services, Wi-Fi products, and high-speed internet. According to the company’s reports, Wi-Fi access enabled by is consumed by over 1 billion users annually.

Having received awards like “The Best Wi-Fi Service, “Best Wi-Fi Network Operator”, and “Most Innovative Wireless Service”, Boingo enables wireless connections in large venues that include airports, stadiums, buildings, educational institutions, and even military bases.

With an Alexa rank #86,285, is among the 100,000 most popular WordPress websites.

17. Reuters Blogs ****

Reuters is the largest global provider of multimedia news that reaches over 1 billion users every day that is owned by Thomson Reuters. Founded in 1851, this service reports news on a wide range of life spheres and topics that involve tech, market, wealth, business, politics, sports, entertainment, innovations, etc.

Having 17 editions, the service provides a business design theme, convenient content structure, search, video and image content, and simple navigation. It also displays the time of each publication. According to Alexa, ranks #488 which makes it one of the most engaging and popular WordPress websites on the internet.

18. Fortune Magazine

Fortune an international media organization and a world-famous business magazine that was founded in 1929 by Henry Luce. This news portal constantly publishes ranked lists like “Businessperson of the Year”, “100 Best Companies to Work For”, “100 Fastest Growing Companies”, “Fortune 500”, “Fortune 1000”, and many others.

The platform is full of rich content—news, insights, ratings—covering tech, economics, politics, entertainment, future and past conferences, and so on. A high emphasis is made on large and quality images and user-friendly design.

Powered by WordPress, has an Alexa rank of #6,534.

19. The Next Web ****

The Next Web, or simply TNW, is a popular website and annual series of conferences powered by WordPress. TNW includes news and insights into the tech world, the impact of technologies on our lives, and tech predictions.

Being a user-friendly website with cool design, it fully meets the needs of the modern web. There are plenty of images of different sizes, posts displayed in a grid, bright colors, convenient menu, and other elements that ensure great user experience.

According to Alexa, this WP-based website ranks #5,761.

20. The Mozilla Blog

The Mozilla Blog is one of the most famous blogs on the internet. Dedicated to Mozilla, it includes news, press releases, articles about Firefox, general information, etc. The content is displayed with the help of the grid, images, publishing dates, and pagination. Besides text, content creators and publishers use GIFs, branded images, diagrams, videos, and more.

As of November 2019, the blog has an Alexa rank of #260.

21. Mara Group

Mara is a Pan-African company that operates in technology, financial services, real estate, and manufacturing industries. Founded in 1996, now it employs over 11,000 workers. The organization is active in 24 countries with 22 in Africa.

Being one of our most famous clients, Mara Group is an e-commerce website. A great modern website with multiple interactive elements and large high-resolution images help ensure seamless user experience. Product gallery, comparison tables, live chat, cart—everything customers need to search, choose, and buy.

Having an Alexa rank of #273,163, is one of the most popular websites using WordPress.

22. Startup Weekend ****

Established in 2006, Startup Weekend is a part of the Techstars Community Programs. Helping entrepreneurs and aspiring businessmen find startup ideas and start a company, the service provides educational and networking opportunities. By now, it has already held over 5,000 events in more than 1,475 cities.

The website has a user-friendly sophisticated design and includes a lot of information about events. With a search field and filters by location, map, and edition/theme, it allows users to instantly find all the events in the required city/country including all the necessary details.

Being ranked #246,930 by Alexa in global internet engagement, is one of the 250,000 most popular WordPress websites.

23. The Walt Disney Company ****

The Walt Disney Company is an American mass media and entertainment conglomerate that was founded in 1923. Being a global leader in the industry, the organization has revenue of about $70 billion.

Like many other popular sites, the Disney’s is also powered by WP. Providing simple navigation, beautiful user interface, and numerous great photos and images with many of them taken from cartoons and movies, it offers an amazing user experience.

With a global Alexa rank of #45,964, it is one of the most famous WordPress websites.

24. The Rolling Stones

The website is fully dedicated to The Rolling Stones, a cult English rock band. With colorful flashy design and glaring images, it provides users with video, audio, and text content. Furthermore, due to the online store, fans can buy a wide range of products associated with The Rolling Stones: music (CD, vinyl, digital, etc.), clothes, accessories, books, and other things.

At the moment, the website has an Alexa rank #245,227 in global internet engagement.

25. ProBlogger

The blog was created by Darren Rowse, a popular blogger, speaker, consultant, and owner of several blogs and blog networks. Founded in 2004, the website offers thousands of articles and other educational content such as tips, tutorials, podcasts, eBooks, and case studies.

Being centered around content and providing an intuitive interface, it enables users to subscribe, comment, and even find the work through the platform. is ranked #23,336 by Alexa which proves that the website is very popular on the internet.

26. Harvard Gazette Online

The Harvard Gazette is the official news portal of Harvard University that covers university policies, important announcements, national and world affairs, science and technology innovations, educational issues, and national concerns as well.

With a branded design theme, simple menu and navigation, quality images, and fonts, the website provides a high level of convenience and readability. The Harvard Gazette has an Alexa rank of #783 in global Internet engagement and of#304 in the USA.

27. The Official James Bond 007 Website

The Official James Bond 007 Website is fully dedicated to the famous character. It has a stylish sophisticated design with a lot of white space, images, and elegant theme. Like many brands and celebrities, the website provides an online store with numerous products that can be purchased. All the stories are displayed using a grid with the indication of the publishing date.

Being one of the most famous websites that use WordPress, it has an Alexa rank of #300,250.

28. Vogue India ****

Vogue India is the Indian edition of Vogue, a world-famous fashion and lifestyle magazine that was created in 1892. Launched in 2007, Vogue India is perhaps the most trusted fashion source in the country covering news on fashion, beauty, trends, Bollywood, wellness, culture, etc.

A lot of white space, numerous beautiful photos and images of different sizes, white background, simple navigation, and other elements make up the website design. Nice fonts and well-structured content increase its readability.

For today, this WordPress website has a global Alexa rank of #29,411.

29. Pulse by Target ****

Pulse by Target is one of the most popular companies and one of the leading retailers in the USA. The Pulse Blog was established to allow the company’s candidates to find out more information about working at Target.

The website includes content about culture, human resources, stores, technology, events, and much more. The blog has a sophisticated design and includes features like commenting mode, social media sharing, search by keywords and categories, etc.

With an Alexa rank of #361 in global internet engagement and #84 in the USA, Pulse by Target has one of the most famous WordPress websites worldwide.

30. SAP News Center ****

SAP is a German multinational corporation that specializes in developing and integrating software for business process automation and customer relations’ improvements. The company’s blog, called SAP News Center, publishes press releases, videos, information about events, articles about technologies and innovations, and other content.

According to Alexa, the website ranks #1,292 in global internet engagement.

31. cPanel Blog ****

Established in 1997, cPanel is a privately owned company building cPanel & WHM. Being based on WordPress, the cPanel Blog contains information about employees, events, tips, and products. With an intuitive user interface and high usability, the website provides the ability to easily find the desired content and enjoy reading.

As of November 2019, the website has a global Alexa rank of #52,268.

32. The Walking Dead – AMC

The Walking Dead – AMC is a website mainly dedicated to the world-famous TV series. This WordPress-based website offers a lot of entertaining content, from news to episodes that users can watch.

What’s more, it contains a TV schedule, a number of movies, and an online shop. Large-screen images, black-color background, white-color fonts, simple menu, and great user interface make up this beautiful design. Being one of the most popular websites using WordPress, it ranks #18,501 by Alexa.

Closing thoughts

There are plenty of advantages of using WordPress for website development. Providing a wide selection of themes, elements, and plugins, it allows businesses to create beautiful responsive designs that ensure seamless user experience and look great on all devices.

No wonder, that WordPress powers 35% of sites on the internet. Today many brands, celebrities, online stores, blogs, popular news portals, fashion and lifestyle magazines, educational institutions, and large-scale companies choose it.

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