March 28, 2017

3 Ways to Create a Social Platform at WordPress

WordPress has effectively maintained its supremacy as a comprehensive open source platform that offers its users a wide range of tools to design websites, create apps and develop, format and publish content. We all are well-versed with these core features as well as the associated tools and plugins of WordPress. However, not many of us know that WordPress can now be used as an effective platform to create a full-fledged personalized social network for your websites.

Many tools and plugins have recently emerged as a handy option to address the social networking needs of the platform. Whether you are a professional blogger or a business website, you know how essential it is for you to connect with your audience. Here we will review the top three WordPress plugins that you can use to set up your own social media platform at WordPress for better customer engagement.

1. WP Mingle

WP Mingle is your instant, go-to choice if you want to immediately set up your personal social network without going through the hassle of HTML coding or web development. All you need is to install WP Mingle on your WordPress website. The plugin is free and incorporates all essential social media features such as member profiles, profile tools, and networking roles and options to your websites.

What makes WP Mingle stand out from all other WordPress Social Network Plugins is that although it is integrated into a WordPress site, its interface and layouts do not feature the regular WordPress login screen or Admin Panel. This makes WP Mingle appear as an independent and unique social networking platform, similar to Google+, Facebook or LinkedIn.

2. BuddyPress

BuddyPress claims itself as a ‘social network in a box’. The launch of BuddyPress made quite a stir among the WordPress user communities since it provided an all-inclusive solution to WordPress to create a full-fledged social networking forum. Since then, BuddyPress has emerged as one of the most popular social networking plugins for WordPress.

BuddyPress can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Directory and can be conveniently installed on your WordPress. Upon installation, the plugin establishes a personalized social network that offers essential features such as messaging, member profiles, networks and connections, chat forums as well as various use activities. All the essential and built-in features can be deactivated as per your choice. Aside from the essential and built-in features, BuddyPress also offers an extensive range of add-ons and open-source plugins that you can use to customize your social network as per your needs.

3. WP Symposium

WordPress Symposium or WP Symposium as it is commonly is one of the top-notch plugins that has emerged as a strong contender for BuddyPress. WP symposium possesses an edge over BuddyPress due to its immense compatibility with default WordPress Themes. Upon installation, WP Symposium integrates itself into your WordPress theme and offers core features such as chat forums, activity alerts, and notifications, messaging and mail, user portal, directories, as well as other add-on features such as RSS feed, Facebook connect, galleries, events and mobile networking.