10 Must-Have Joomla Extensions

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November 25, 2015
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    Joomla is one of the most user-friendly ways to build and maintain web pages. What makes it even better is that you can make things easier or get advanced functionality through extensions. Extensions are great because you can install only the ones you need, and they can add some wonderful functionality to your existing Joomla pages. We are going to pick 10 of our favorite Joomla extensions based on what we have used so far but remember that there are hundreds of other extensions in case you need more!

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    1. AllVideos Videos are essential content for websites these days. Problem is, it is very hard to manage all the videos on a page. You may want to publish your own videos or embed videos from other sites and will need to code in both cases. AllVideos simplifies the whole task and you can add videos from anywhere with an opening tag.

    2. K2 Joomla makes it easy to manage pages, but K2 makes it mind-bogglingly easy to edit and design pages. If you thought Joomla was easy to set up before, you will be amazed by how intuitive K2 makes creating content rich pages. An image, a video, whatever you need to include – all it takes is a few clicks.

    3. FaLang The internet is used all over the world in many languages. How can you present your website in other languages easily? Use FaLang! It allows you to easily manage your content translations without making it a chore to update a multi-lingual website.

    4. SH404SEF Don’t be intimidated by the name! If you want your website to be SEO rich then this is the extension for you. It started as a simple extension which changed auto-generated URLs of your pages to SEO friendly addresses, later expanding to include Google Analytics and other tools as well.

    5. Akeeba Backup This extension is a lifesaver. Simply put, it backs up your whole website so it can be restored easily if needed. This is a must have extension, especially if you are testing functionality.

    6. JEvents If you’re running a website that features event information then this extension is a godsend for you. You will not need anything else to manage events and event related information once you start using this extension.

    7. JCE JCE gives you strong editing options in a familiar interface. It allows people to create content without limitations and is so user intuitive that even the non-technical people in your company will be easily able to create and edit web pages.

    8. Better Preview This is one of those extensions which make you wonder how you lived without it once you start using it. You can see a preview of the extension, content piece, or menu you’re editing – before you commit changes! The name is literally what it does and it does it well.

    9. Widgekit Once you get the hang of creating pages, you may want to create widgets as well. There is no better extension for creating widgets for your Joomla website than Widgekit. It’s easy to use and very widely supported.

    10. eXtplorer Are your non-technical users absolutely confused about managing files online? eXtplorer makes things easier by giving a desktop-like interface for dragging and dropping files. There you have it – the 10 best Joomla extensions. Stay tuned to our blog for more helpful information.

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