10 Great Features of Joomla 3.X That Make It the Go-to CMS

Did you know that Joomla recently released the full-feature firmware upgrade? Yes, Joomla 3.4, or commonly known as Joomla 3.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Did you know that Joomla recently released the full-feature firmware upgrade? Yes, Joomla 3.4, or commonly known as Joomla 3.x is now available and with it brings improved features and capabilities in the admin interface. But that’s not all. With improvements in the UI and UX and a host of other improved features, Joomla 3.x has become the CMS story of 2016. If you’re wondering why you should consider Joomla over other CMS platforms, here are 10 great features of Joomla 3.x that will help you make your mind.

Joomla features

  1. Responsive Layout Joomla 3.x brings a beautiful a seamless layout that perfects for any device and any screen. Responsiveness on both the backend (admin console) and frontend are now a reality. With its user-friendly interface you are bound to enjoy using Joomla.

  2. Improved Security 2-Factor Authentication is now available with Joomla 3.x to fortify your security. Similar to 2-Step Verification in Google, it improves security by only granting access to users once they enter the pin code they receive on their mobile phones/email.

  3. Drag & Drop Capability Drag & drop was really the most prominent feature that many web design platforms and applications provided but not always to a great extent. This is where Joomla 3.x is changing the game by allowing users to reorder items quickly and easily.

  4. Built-in jQuery ‘Write Less, Do More’ has a whole new meaning as jQuery is now a built-in cross platform of Joomla. It’s the most popular JavaScript library that allows you to create rich effects, widgets, themes, and interactions for applications and more.

  5. Cloud Storage The all-new cloud storage API enables users to maximize leverage on cloud data subscriptions. This allows users to back up important files in the database and even backup the database based on schedules that you can easily choose.

  6. SEO Microdata One of the underrated features in Joomla 3.x is the SEO microdata. Now users can easily improve and optimize the content, pages, posts, and elements on their website with this comprehensive SEO microdata feature and climb the search engine rankings.

  7. Front-End Editor Some days when you are in a rush or you have a deadline task to meet that involves the use of your Joomla website, you will be thankful that the 3.x version finally brings frontend editor. Now edit on the frontend intuitively and save time!

  8. Google reCAPTCHA Let’s face it; nobody likes to have spam in their comments section and especially registration forms. With Google reCAPTCHA you can now fortify logins and registration forms to protect them against spam and keep your website neat and clean.

  9. Composer Integration If you happen to work with external code libraries or if they are a part of your online footprint then Joomla 3.x has a nice surprise for you. With composer integration, you now get to seamlessly integrate code libraries from external sources.

  10. 3-step Installation Perhaps the best feature about Joomla 3.x is that anyone can install it by following three simple steps. The installation only takes a couple of minutes and once it’s done you will be making use of a powerful CMS with strong core capabilities.

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