10 Free and Responsive Joomla Templates You Should Consider

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Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Joomla is widely accepted as one of the leading CMS along with WordPress and Drupal. Joomla has been recognized by the development community for its strong core modules that keep it up to pace with WordPress. One of the best things about building a website on Joomla is the level of flexibility that you have in the web design aspects. There are tons of free and paid Joomla templates that let you create a unique look for your website. Here’s a look at our top 10 of free and responsive Joomla templates!

  1. JSN Dona

Features: JSN Dona has six unique homepage layouts with each offering stunning functionality and responsiveness. It is ideal for a wide range of Joomla projects such as business websites, nonprofit websites, educational websites, and religious and political websites.
Our Rating: 8/10

  1. Purity III

Features: Purity III is easily one of the best and most responsive templates for all types of Joomla projects. With a great deal of customization’s in layouts and design, you can now create a unique look and feel for personal blogs, business websites, e-commerce sites, and affiliate marketing sites.
Our Rating: 10/10

  1. jf Creativia

Features: jf Creativia is a small yet elegant template that works perfectly on Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. It’s an ideal choice if you want to create a personal blog, creative agency website, small business website, and local online store.
Our Rating: 8/10

  1. Magazine Joomla

Features: Magazine Joomla focuses on minimalism and modern design to provide lightning fast loading speed. It is highly recommended by the community for personal and company blogs, news sites, original content providers, and beauty, fashion, and clothing online stores.
Our Rating: 9/10

  1. X2 – Video

Features: Good functionality in flat and responsive design makes X2-Video a popular one page template popular. Ideal for personal blogs, small businesses, and creative agencies, this template will definitely live up to your expectations in usability.
Our Rating: 8/10

  1. Meet Gavern

Features: Meet Gavern is a popular Bootstrap based template that provides great flexibility in design and functionality. While practical for all types of Joomla projects, it works best for small business websites, creative agencies, and original content providers.
Our Rating: 9/10

  1. JSN SKY

Features: JSN SKY is definitely the most popular template for hotel and travel websites that offer a clean and mature design. It streamlines hotel bookings, reservations, check-ins, and other key processes to great effect.
Our Rating: 9/10

  1. JA Elastica

Features: Joomla’s own first responsive template and as you guessed, it’s beautiful and works like a charm. JA Elastica is a full feature template that is practical for all types of projects and websites.
Our Rating: 10/10

  1. Design Control
    Features: Powerful core features and customization make Design Control one of the best templates on Joomla. With this level of flexibility, you get to show your creativity in just about all types of projects.
    Our Rating: 9/10

  2. Afterburner 2
    Features: Afterburner 2 is one of the fastest responsive templates on Joomla with an appealing layout. It’s perfect for content and media based websites but also works great for business sites and eCommerce stores.
    Our Rating: 8/10

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