10 Experts in the Healthcare Marketing Field You Should Follow

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November 9, 2018
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    Do you own a healthcare website? Are you finding it difficult to promote your site? Do you want to know effective ways to make your website stand out from other healthcare sites? If the answer is yes, you have arrived at the right place.

    In order to market your healthcare website effectively, you should learn from the professionals. Here we have listed ten experts in the medical field that you should consider following to learn some tips to effectively promote and market your site.

    1. Fergus Linskey

    Fergus Linskey is the owner of LEVOHealth.com that provide consultancy services for marketing of healthcare websites. He regularly tweets about the best social media practices. His tweets are targeted to individual doctors and healthcare website owners. To connect with the industry expert, you can follow his twitter page here.

    2. Jonathan Catley

    Jonathan Catley regularly posts stats and tips regarding healthcare marketing on his Twitter website. He provides expert tips on how to connect with patients online. You can follow him here if you want to learn advanced tips for marketing your healthcare website.

    3. Venessa Bright

    Venessa Bright markets herself as a modern marketer focused on lead nurturing, demand generation, B2B marketing, and analytics. She maintains a website OnlineMarketingMoment.Wordpress.Com.

    If you are interested in the digital marketing of your website, you should communicate with her by following her twitter page here.

    4. Salman Aslam

    Salman Aslam is the owner of Omnicoreagency.com who provides expert tips and advice for increasing traffic on different social media platforms. He regularly tweets about different online marketing strategies such as creating an email newsletter, posting on Reddit, gaining leads through eBook marketing, and more. You can follow the twitter page of the digital market expert here.

    5. Reed Smith

    Reed Smith writes on innovative techniques for healthcare agencies to develop and enhance their digital footprint. He owns Socialhealthinstitute.com that is a treasure trove for digital marketing ideas for healthcare owners. To connect with the industry expert, you can follow his twitter page here.

    6. Healthcare Magnet

    Healthcare Magnet is a company that offers tips on increased online accessibility and open communication. The company regularly tweets about advanced tips and techniques to develop your brand and build online connections. You can follow the twitter page here to connect with the online digital marketing agency.

    7. Titan Web Agency

    Titan Web Agency is another digital marketing company focused on healthcare professionals. The company posts tips and advice to increase patient loyalty and practice growth. You can know the information to increase your website traffic, Google rankings, and more by following the twitter page here.

    8. Eric Broody

    Eric Broody is the owner of a B2C and B2B marketing company called Trajectory. On his Twitter page, you can read advanced marketing tips and tricks for promoting your medical website. You can draw inspiration for marketing of your online website by following his twitter page here.

    9. Nicola Ziady

    Nicola Ziady has over 15 years of experience in creating patient engagement for leading healthcare institutes in the US. She regularly contributes to Fierce Healthcare, Social Media Today, and HealthWorks Collective. On her Twitter page, you can find information about creating a digital marketing strategy with a consumer’s point of view. Her tweets are highly informative that you can read by following here page here.

    10. Lori Appling Moore

    With more than 28 years’ experience in managing media and ad agencies, you can learn a lot from following the twitter page of Lori Appling Moore. She owns TotalCom Marketing agency that offers strategic planning, media management, accounts management, and brand development strategies. Here posts on her twitter page are informative and entertaining that you can read by following her profile here.


    The above are the most popular healthcare marketing experts that you can follow on Twitter. You can learn about insightful tips and techniques to better promote and market your healthcare website by following their page.

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