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Van Murray


“We purchased CometChat for Angler Sites, a social network dedicated to anglers and fishing organizations. The CometChat support folks were very responsive in helping to ensure everything was working properly even though we were installing on a system that is not widely used. Our members love the new feature and this has become an instrumental part of growing our business. Thank you!”

Patrick Stowell


“Cometchat is a must have for any website community, it builds a relationship between users like no other script out there.

I have very limited PHP knowledge but the CometChat staff was quick to respond and got it up and running on my site in no time.

I highly recommend CometChat to any serious website owner!


Redgie Campbell


“I was looking for a user chat solution for my website that would be non intrusive and user friendly. I am very happy I chose CometChat. It is very simple to install and the support has been great at resolving any issues.

I would recommend it for any website.

Thanks CometChat.”

Alexander Kuper


“I simply love CometChat. My community loves it, too.

I now have over 6000 members and the system just works fine!

CometChat is more than just chatting. Sending files over the chatbar is awesome.

Seeing who is currently online, communicate with each other in a private window and in a chatroom with many people is great. What I also like pretty much is that you can add your own icons and links or popup menus into the bar. I linked my Facebook fanpage, a Youtube channel and my Twitter account into it!”

Justin Joseph


“Like many other web developers, I was busy putting things into place, with a public official hard-launch date 3 days away. I was looking at another chat program for Jomsocial, but they didn't have exactly what I was looking for. Then I came across CometChat!

Well for one, the product is slick, simple and intuitive. I love it and I know my clients will as well.

Secondly, and most importantly, the Ticket system works like magic. I had about 5 separate ticket requests on configuration, and they were answered each within 20 mins of my submission. Within 2 hours I went from zero to fully installed. I have NEVER come across responsiveness like that. EVER.
I recommend them both for CometChat and for any other products they have or will have.

Great Job People!”