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“After looking for a decent chat script that integrated with WordPress for several weeks I found CometChat. I purchased the basic, branded version just to try it out.

Setup was simple and I had the chat bar displayed on my site in no time.

The people in tech support were prompt to address my queries and had me up and running in less than 12 hours.

Thanks a lot!”


(name withheld on request)

“Excellent module and certainly the best support I have ever received.

Keep up the good work )”

Marcio Santos


“We have an unusual setup on our site. We have a standalone application connected with WPMU (buddyPress) installed in a subfolder. Because of this we really needed CometChat to customize things for us.

Our site is very busy, with over 12 thousand registered users so I was glad they were able to get everything running without taking my site offline or messing up with my users experience.

I offered to help by getting my hands on the code but the CometChat team took charge and fixed everything themselves. Whenever I found an error, I relayed it over to them, they then logged back into my server, made the changes and wrote me back letting me know the error had been fixed.

My users have already started using the chat and are loving it. I highly recommend this. Such a low price for such high value.”



“CometChat is a company I will recommend to anyone who is looking for reliability, consistency and good work in a timely fashion. They told me I would have my chat in 24 hours on my site, and it was done.

They even monitored it, to make sure everything is working properly. My members love it, and they spend a lot more time on the site.”


peeple.it (name withheld on request)

“I sent an e-mail to CometChat support asking if it would be possbile to integrate CometChat with Sharetronix 1.5.

They said: "Buy CometChat, we will send you the integration file".
So I did it.
And they did it.
Cometchat works perfectly with Sharetronix.
I've bought a great software and great support.”