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(name withheld on request)

“Hello Everyone,

CometChat is really great chat module to integrate in anything, fast, good and most important great service as well!

Thank you CometChat!”

Robert Kottemann


“Had technical issues installing the script but the team at CometChat fixed it almost immediately. My members love the new chat system and spend much more time on the site. Thanks Guys.

Regards Rob”


(name withheld on request)

“The CometChat team is really wonderful. Had an issue with the software due to my ignorance and they were patient enough to guide me through the process for about 30mins!”

Dawn Angier


“We recently installed JomSocial in our 15-year old website and loved the interaction it provides our members. And adding CometChat was a natural progression in allowing our members to interact in real time. We are very impressed with the CometChat program.

When we first installed CometChat, I didn't enter the domain properly. The CometChat support team were right on it and provided us with step-by-step instructions on how to fix my glitch.

We highly recommend CometChat!”


“When we started our site we soon realized big problems with the Socialengine-chat which was slowing down our server. A forum without chat? Impossible!

A friend told me of CometChat and finally we installed the footer-chat.

Here are the figures from my server regarding CPU-usuage:

Old chat: 60-80% CPU-usage
CometChat: 5-20% CPU-usage”