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Add CometChat to your Drupal site!

  • 5 minutes super simple installation
  • Integrates automatically with Drupal
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Works on shared hosting
  • Add video chat, screen-sharing and more
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Seamless Integration with Drupal

CometChat floats quietly on each and every page of your Drupal site. Your users can initiate chat and a lot more from anywhere, anytime!

  • Automatic User Login

    Your users are logged into CometChat as soon as they login to Drupal. No confusing extra logins.

  • User list synchronization

    CometChat automatically integrates with your Drupal users list and will show all online users in the Who's Online list.

  • User Profiles

    CometChat allows users to quickly visit Drupal profiles by clicking on the user's name while chatting.

  • User Avatars

    CometChat will display the Drupal user's avatar in the Who's Online list and while chatting.

If you can run Drupal on your server, you can run CometChat! All features including video chat, screen-sharing, games, translate etc. will work with any host running Drupal including shared hosting. Yes, all features of CometChat will work with any host.

Runs on just about everything

CometChat works on all modern browsers including Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari, Opera 9+ and Chrome. CometChat mobile webapp supports iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. CometChat desktop messenger runs on Windows and Mac.

Available in 9 languages

Ready front-end language packs for English, Arabic, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. Or translate CometChat into your language within minutes directly from CometChat Admin Panel. Full support for UTF-8 and right-to-left text.

Compatible with Drupal version 6+, 7+

Drupal ready integration is available with all editions of CometChat free of additional charge.

Super Simple Installation

Installation is as easy as: (detailed instructions)

  • Upload CometChat to your Drupal folder
  • Run installation in your browser
  • Add two lines of HTML code to your site template and watch CometChat come alive!

Customer Testimonials

After first searching every corner for a chat module that would go perfect with my Drupal-based website and then testing a dozen chat modules I was pretty disappointed. Either it was soiled by advertisement, had bad integration, was ugly designed, was run on a third-party server or had absurd payment structures. One day I came around Cometchat actually by accident. Well, that made my day. Cometchat is intelligent build with great features, it's beautiful, it integrates perfect, there is no ugly advertisements or third-party server involved and the payment is easy and only a one time fee.

And also important: the support is the fastest and most effective I have ever experienced. My best recommendations.

- Morten of moowbi.com
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